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Simplain Vendor Portal Selected by Freson Bros for Its Supplier Collaboration

Simplain Software Solutions announces that Freson Bros chose the Simplain Vendor Portal SaaS Platform to streamline their supplier collaboration as a critical part of their supply chain digital transformation strategy.  Simplain was selected from amongst various other solutions considering the complete platform's value and customer feedback. The Western Canadian chain joins several other leading retailers across North America, currently partnering with Simplain


Shawn Gavigan, CFO at Freson Bros, said, "Freson Bros. is happy to announce that it will be implementing the Vendor Portal solution and implementation services from Simplain. The decision to select Simplain was based on their vendor collaboration solution being the most comprehensive grocery-specific package for our grocery retail business. The Simplain Vendor Portal comes highly recommended by many of these retailers who have been long-time customers of Simplain. We were also impressed with the depth of knowledge and commitment shown by the Simplain team during the product evaluation process. Simplain Vendor Portal will be a key component of our infrastructure, and being the foundation platform that it is, we are accelerating our supply chain digital transformation taking advantage of the power of the cloud-based advanced Simplain vendor portal,"


Based in California, Simplain Software Solution offers Vendor Portal software and associated consulting and integration services for leading grocery and convenience store chains. The software is designed to integrate with the existing systems. It saves retailers time and money related to managing Item, Vendor, Cost, Invoice, and Rebates information accuracy and the vendor data quality. The system also supports nutrition, allergen, ingredient, and image data. The information accuracy responsibility is shifted to the supplier, thereby saving the retailers and the suppliers a large amount of non-compliance and recalls risks, and invoice/cost/rebate reconciliation issues. It provides much-needed product information transparency to shoppers.


"Freson is laser-focused in improving the operations to meet and exceed the shopper expectations. We are excited to partner with such an outstanding grocery retailer in the Industry and provide operational value as it transforms their digital supply chain," said Sanjaye Elayattu, Founder and President, Simplain.

"Freson Bros has adopted a standards-based solution approach to its vendor onboarding, new item introduction, Invoice, and Purchase Order management. It enhances the overall supply chain efficiency and vendor relationships using the Simplain vendor portal." Said Mark Nassar, Analytics Manager at Freson Bros


"We are excited to have Freson Bros join our wide base of grocery retail customers who are focused on creating exceptional shopper experience through digitally streamlined supplier collaboration." Said Gopal Shenoy, Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Customer Success.

Founded in 1955, Freson Bros currently operates fourteen stores across Alberta and adding a new store in early 2021. Freson Bros continues to create a unique Alberta food experience with a tradition deeply rooted in family, community, and heritage. In 2009, The Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers awarded Freson Bros. the 2009 Canadian Independent Grocer of the Year award.

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